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In an effort to return to regular blogging about regular things, I’m hooking up with Jen’s Quick Takers once again.

1. Hey, real quick, do you remember the time that I polled my Facebook friends to prove to my husband that I’m not the only person who knows what an alpaca is? No? Well, it happened, and although I most definitely was NOT the only person that had heard of an alpaca before, Jon still maintained that alpacas are weirdo animals that only weirdo people know about.

Cut to: we visited Jon’s hometown at the beginning of May and I found out that there’s an alpaca farm just a few miles away. He now has no excuse to remain blind to the cuteness and ubiquity of the alpaca. NO EXCUSE.



2. Speaking of Jon’s hometown, which is in Southwest Pennsylvania, a.k.a. “Steelers Country,” I know that I have mentioned before that marrying someone from the Pittsburgh area is something akin to marrying a Scientologist. It is a cult, and everyone knows it, but they don’t care BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT AND THEY ARE THE BEST. (In their minds.) And I have noticed in the past few months how much I have been assimilated.

For instance, we’re in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I’m just as nervous about the outcome of each game as my husband is. I used to be nervous because whenever the Pens lost my hubby would be SERIOUSLY pee-ode. But now I actually care. And I found myself thinking excitedly about the far-off football season, and not just because Garrett was a football addict, although that’s definitely part of the reason. I already care way too much about NASCAR than is healthy and that has nothing directly to do with The Pittsborg.

It appears my husband is rubbing off on me BIG TIME, which I would find annoying if I didn’t enjoy it. I kind of like the broadening of my horizons and not feeling SO completely clueless when other people start talking about certain sports.

Baseball and basketball, though? Still pretty much clueless, tho.

3. I need a Tshirt that says “Eating Healthy: UR DOIN IT WRONG.” Because I am. I am trying to avoid complex carby-type-things, especially bread and pasta and crackers and the like, so my main go-to-snacky-thing (big crunchy sourdough pretzels) is now off-limits. So lately when I have snacky urges I eat corn tortilla chips. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I was ALSO inhaling some guacamole because the yummy fats in that would fill me up and satisfy my hunger for a good long time. Instead I eat JUST the chips and end up inhaling half a bag and then being hungry again about 20 minutes later.

These are my favorite chips, because they are cheap and taste good. Much like me. Bah-da-bum!

Somehow, I’m thinking this new snack habit classifies as COUNTER productive.

4. Now that I’m at home during the day, I’ve discovered some new TV obsessions. I liken the TV watching disease to the retail infection. Before I started working at Barnes and Noble many years ago, I had NO IDEA that there were literally THOUSANDS of books that I HAD TO OWN. I know, I know, the gratuitous use of CAPS LOCK has probably tipped you off to the fact that I am EXAGGERATING, but seriously: spending 6 to 8 hours a day around books five days a week opened my eyes to a great many books that were so fascinating that I just HAD to own them. This, coupled with the half-off-lattes, is why my “supplemental income” from B&N ended up returning to B&N’s bank vaults in full.

5. What does that have to do with TV? I’m glad you asked. Since I now watch more TV, I watch more TV commercials, and I am now curious about all these shows I would have otherwise never known existed. If I’d never known they existed, I wouldn’t care that I never watched them. And now my id is expressing a tyrannical need to watch Design Star and Renovation Raiders.

6. I do want to make it clear (in case my husband is reading this!) that I am NOT sitting around watching TV and eating bonbons all day. I do get stuff done! BUT. I do have to stop every few hours to feed a baby that takes FOR.EV.ER. to finish a bottle, so OF COURSE I have to flip through some shows on the tube. (Alternately, I could read, and sometimes I do, but I am uncoordinated and find it hard to juggle a book or Kindle while feeding Caitlin.)

7. And, in fact, this week I am doing VERY LITTLE TV-watching, because I’ve been in the office every day since Tuesday to cover for my fellow designer, who is on vacation. Come Friday, though, I will officially be “on vacation.” My brother and his girlfriend and son arrived on Wednesday to stay for ten days and Friday evening we’re heading down to North Carolina for a week of swimming, sunbathing, eating, drinking, movie watching, board-gaming, sleeping, reading, and whatever other sort of trouble we can get ourselves into. In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited. I’m almost always in charge of the menu when we’re hanging in the 252, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a Munchies Monday post thrown together while I’m down there, and at the very least I’ll be posting plenty of pictures to The Gram.

And that’s all I’ve got, folks! Go see Jen for more quick takes.


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