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1. I’d like to ask all my bloggy friends again to PLEASE pray for Apollo. Apollo’s mom and dad have recently had some discouraging news about Apollo’s health… he will have to undergo heart surgery AGAIN. This sweet little boy has already been through so much and I desperately hope that he will be completely healed by God’s hand working through some rare medical miracle. I may be fantastically out of touch with reality on that one, but I think that situations like this are just what prayer is for. So there.

2. Maybe I’m the last design professional in America to find this out, but did you know that Harvard Business Review freaking ROCKS THE CASBAH art-and-design-wise? I had never opened an issue before (and honestly, never cared to… I’m more an O, Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, Juxtapoz magazine sorta gal) but a colleague of mine had last month’s issue lying on his desk, and cover caught my eye:

Kinda snazzy, right? Simple but punchy, it did its job and made me want to open the magazine. Well, once insider I was floored to find out that for each issue HBR chooses a series of works by an established artist to illustrate the articles on a featured topic. This issue was all about sales, and the Spotlight artist was Chad Wys, who does some really dynamic mixed media work with found objects and vintage design elements. LOVE LOVE LOVE:

Even though I work in corporate America – in business development, no less – I have long maintained that my purpose in life is just to make pretty pictures, full stop. But the older I get the more interested I am in marketing, corporate culture, and the relationships between colleagues and clients/vendors/service providers. And I find it very encouraging that a premier business periodical takes design so seriously – because many people don’t understand art, they think it doesn’t matter, or that it doesn’t matter in their industry. Which isn’t true, regardless of the kind of work you do – human beings are seduced by pretty pictures, and pretty pictures have officially made me a fan of the Harvard Business Review.

3. Although Mr. Wys is partly to blame, I think it’s mostly just the season that has me all sorts of inspired to start art-ing again. I go through phases, which used to depress me (like I have to be FREAKING! CREATIVE! ALL! THE! TIME!) but now I know it’s just part of being a very well-rounded *grin* person. Sometimes my mood is nest-y and clean-y and homebody-y and that’s what I focus my free time on. And sometimes my mood is artsy and craftsy (especially during the fall and winter months, it seems – convenient for the creation of presents and making of money) and that’s where my spare time goes. You just gotta go with the flow, sometimes.

4. I know I’m probably the last person on the internet to jump on this bandwagon, but c’mon, how awesome is dogshaming? I got an email from my MIL this week with some real gems – seriously, I laughed until I had tears running down my face. Two favorites:

The Frog-Eating Jerk

and The Reason Why Mommy and Daddy Can’t Have Nice Things

I’m sure you’ve figured out that I find this one particularly hilarious because I, too, have three dogs and they are the reason we don’t have nice things.

5. I’m making some cakes tonight for a company bake sale. One, of course, will be my pumpkin-apple cake, this time with a brown-sugar glaze. We’ll see how that turns out. The other one will be Ina Garten’s sour cream coffee cake. You know that I am feeling particularly generous when I decide to make a cake that freaking awesome (and it’s a recipe I’ve never made before! I usually like to try new recipes on myself) for a bake sale. Now I’m gonna have to pay a dollar for a piece of my own cake. What can I say, I’m a giver. Who complains about giving. Whatever.

6. A few nights ago my husband introduced me to one of his favorite movies, which was… well, an EXPERIENCE. You, too, can experience this particular slice of cinema magic for yourself if you have a Netflix streaming account and a few brain cells to kill. Oh, and if you don’t mind slightly inappropriate comedy. (Two of the movie’s supporting actors are Wanda Sykes and Chris Rock.) People, I’m talking about Pootie Tang. It was some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever seen but… well, I do have to admit that it was pretty fun.

7. Did you watch the series premiere of The Neighbors on Wednesday? Well, if you didn’t, don’t be said, you didn’t miss anything all that great – except for a brief cameo by an alpaca. Well, my husband thought it was a llama, but I thought it looked distinctly petite and fluffy and alpaca-like, so I corrected him. He was like, “Who the hell are you, Steve Irwin? What’s an alpaca and how do you know about it?” As if alpacas are an exotic unknown species! So I did a (very scientific) Facebook poll to find out how many of my friends had heard of an alpaca before. Turns out, A LOT. So that should prove to my husband that you don’t have to be one of the Kratt brothers to know what an alpaca is. Nyeh.

Would you look at those cute widdle faces??? Photo source.

That’s it, y’all! Go see Jen for more quick takes.


4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. I never watch movies, but you might have inspired me to watch Pootie Tang. I feel like it’s the kind of movie that could create a lot of inside jokes between my husband and I. And we always like to laugh about things amongst ourselves in front of the children. If I hate it,you’ll be the first to know.


    1. Pootie Tang is definitely inside-joke-fodder! I was surprised by how much I liked it, because my husband and I don’t always have the same sense of humor when it comes to movies. (For instance, he loves Mel Brooks films and I just… don’t.) Pootie Tang managed to be just enough goofy and clever moments to make it light-hearted and fun.


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