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1. I blame Megan. She recently posted a list of her favorite style bloggers, and as a result I spent hours yesterday reading through the archives at A Beautiful Mess. I vaguely remember following a link to A Beautiful Mess before, because I recognized her wedding pictures and her song lyric wall art tutorial (see below) is pretty much ALL. OVER. PINTEREST. But yesterday – well, let’s just say I have way too many fun crafty ideas now. And it’s probably a good thing my husband has to work this weekend and we won’t be able to go out of town like we’d planned because I just want to be left alone with my glue gun and Modge Podge.

Super cool typographic artwork by Elsie Larson.

Photo credit.

2. You see? This is the downfall to reading several blogs I absolutely love: they invariably point me to NEW blogs that I absolutely love and then I spend more time on the internet than sleeping, eating or bathing. Another case in point: Jen introduced me to Aimee Cooper, whose writing about faith and feminism is really bending my mind. Something from her post on the purpose of work and career REALLY jumped out at me:

[W]e’ve been living with the desire to increase worker productivity ever since [the Protestant Reformation], with increasing sacrifice of time meant for God, sacrifice of families and relationships, sacrifice of individual well-being. That has been the priority.

She’s talking about the “Protestant work ethic” and I think she’s on to something. Even nearly a decade after leaving a cult that pushed its members to give up date nights and children’s soccer games and scrapbooking for the sake of “God’s work,” I STILL have a hard time with leisure. I spend most of my time at night and on weekends either working feverishly at keeping house or feeling guilty for not working feverishly at keeping house. And (though I’ve made great strides in this area, I’ve still gotta be real) resenting my husband for NOT working feverishly to help me keep house. As if housework were anything more than a means to an end, just as work outside the home is just a means, not an end in itself.

This just confirms a little flash of insight that I had yesterday: that if I were to invest some time and thought into developing a good organization system for my home, and a schedule for keeping that system running, that might free up more of my time to play with the baby, watch movies with my husband, spend time with friends, and pursue hobbies that I enjoy. In this way my housework would be serving a purpose FOR ME, instead of me being a slave to housework… if that makes any sense. We’ll revisit this topic later, I’m sure.

3. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve loosely embraced the Paleo diet, and have been making efforts not only to cut out “bad” foods, but to add more and more “good” stuff to my gastronomic repertoire: namely, veggies. I’m pretty open-minded about food and I enjoy spinach salads and steamed broccoli and carrot sticks and all that, but there are fairly commonplace vegetables that I have actually NEVER prepared or even tasted. Like acorn squash. Really, I have never eaten an acorn squash in my life. But this weekend I’m going to change that: I’ve bought some beautiful organic acorn squash, and I’m going to turn it into Guy Fieri’s acorn squash soup. Look at me, being all adventurous and creative and stuff.

4. HOLD THE PRESSES. In my Google-search for an image of acorn squash, I came upon this recipe. Hm. The bread in the recipe proves problematic for my new health kick, but the rest of it… is just… well… FREAKING AMAZING.

Acorn Squash Stuffed with Cornbread and Sausage - YUM!

See? Photo credit.

5. How many times can I say “acorn squash” in one blog post before it stops being only slightly annoying and becomes REALLY annoying? Discuss amongst yourselves. Also… ACORN SQUASH.

6. I look super cute today. I know I should post a picture like proper blogger ladies do, but since I don’t feel like going through the trouble of taking one, you’re just going to have to trut me. You see, at lunchtime yesterday I went shopping at a favorite little boutique of mine (a.k.a. the Goodwill store around the corner from my work) and found a dark blue, bootcut pair of Levi’s and a really smart teal sweater that drapes in a very unique, funky-yet-sophisticated way. For the longest time I just couldn’t be bothered to put in the effort required of thrift store shopping – because it does take a little more effort to find something that fits you, body and style, that’s clean and intact, amid all the khakis-with-broken-zippers and frayed-jean-jackets-with-missing-buttons. But when you DO find that perfect something, all the work is totally WORTH IT – not just because you’re paying one-tenth of what the item originally cost and therefore will have lots more money for important things (like sausage to stuff your acorn squash) but because you set out on a hunt and you bagged your quarry and you are going to look SUPER FREAKING CUTE at work the next day.

7. If you pray, would you please take a second to pray for Apollo? I’ve mentioned him on my blog before… this precious little boy is just a few days younger than my son Garrett, and he just had surgery on Wednesday to correct a congenital heart defect that’s been causing serious problems since birth. Please pray that his recovery will be swift and free of complications, and that he’ll be able to go home to be with his brothers and sisters again soon!

Baby Apollo, not feeling well at all.

What a little sweetie, right? Photo credit.


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