Just Another Manic Monday, Sinusitis Edition

Woman blowing her nose into a tissue.

I’ve had a cold for, oh, two or three months now and I finally convinced myself and the doctor that antibiotics were in order. My husband and son had been treated for sinus infections at the beginning of January, but I figured that what I had wasn’t a full-blown infection since I didn’t feel all that bad and it seemed to be getting better. Then it got worse. Then it got better. Then my husband and son got sick again, and I got sick again, and we were disgusting snotty creatures all weekend long, so Jon and I went to the doctor today and came out with prescriptions and Gee Money has an appointment for tomorrow morning and will hopefully come out with a script and then WE WILL ALL BE BETTER FOREVER AND EVER AMEN BECAUSE I’M SICK OF LIVING IN THE HOUSE OF SNOT. I had heard that sometimes families pass the same illness around and around for weeks on end, but like many things the ubiquitous “they” predict you will experience after becoming a parent, the neverending infection seemed slightly over-the-top. Mythical, even. I had no idea how true it would be for me, so I almost didn’t believe it when it happened.

Something else I suspected was an exaggeration? Parental obsession with poop. But it’s 100% real. I think/talk about poop a LOT now. LIKE ALL THE TIME. And I sing kid’s songs without a trace of irony.

This is one of the reasons why I’m not sure I’ll ever be full-blown crunchy… when the going gets tough illness-wise, I like to be able to call a medical “expert” and say, “PLZ TO GIVE ME DRUGS NOW, THX,” or “O HAI WAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??!?” I’m also one of those people who does regular physicals, and so far Gee’s been to all his well-baby visits and received all of his vaccines, albeit on a slightly relaxed schedule. I wonder how folks who keep their distance from traditional medicine deal with their inner hyperchondriac. Or maybe I’m the only one who has one of those?

Speaking of doctors: Renee, mommy of A Baker’s Dozen and Apollo XIV wrote two great posts about How I Lost My Faith In Doctors and Slowly Gained It Back. You see, Renee’s been dealing with a lot of doctors lately trying to get some answers as to why her sweet little boy is having such a hard time breathing, eating, and sleeping. Thankfully she finally has a diagnosis and a plan of action, but there’s still some scary stuff ahead. I’ve been following Apollo’s story with much interest because he is just a few days younger than Gee Money, who has some unique challenges of his own. Will you say a prayer for little Apollo? I would appreciate it, and I’m sure his mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters would too.

A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV

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