Design Showcase: Invitations

If there’s anything I enjoy more than a good party, it’s PLANNING a good party. Half the fun of the event is picking out decorations, making the yummy food, and (for an art nerd like me) designing the invitations. Here are a few invites I’ve done over the past couple of years:

Shower invite front - image of a mama's pregnant belly with her hands forming the shape of a heart over the belly button.

Shower invite back - date, place, time, RSVP info

Click on the images to see the full-size artwork. And remember that every time someone steals a picture off the internet, Jesus kills a hamster.

Baby shower invite for a very good friend of mine. Interestingly, I found out I was pregnant just a few weeks before the shower, and my son was born six months after my friend delivered her little angel.

Emma's First Birthday Party Invitation - picture of a super cute lil girl

Here’s the invitation for that little angel’s first birthday party. Emma’s photograph was taken by her auntie.

When my son turned one, we had a Star-Wars-themed party:

Garrett's First Birthday Party Invite - The front has a picture of Darth Vader and says, "Come to the Dark Side, we have cupcakes."

I was super-stoked to find that Star Wars font. I love the internet!

And here’s the design for the thank you cards I sent out after Garrett’s party:

A Very Jedi Thank You

And yes, that’s my cute lil booger in the picture, chillin’ with his BFF, Yoda.

Not really an invitation, but in the same vein: tickets for a fundraiser that a friend organized at her church:

Tickets for a "Ladies' Tea" fundraiser

Lastly, here’s an invite for a Halloween shindig I threw a couple years ago:

Halloween party invite - featuring a black cat and a cauldron!

And in case you’re wondering, YES, I drew that black cat. Neat, huh? Looking at this invite reminds me that I need to start planning THIS year’s party…


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