A Note from Heaven

Believe it or not, I enjoy these sort of commissions the most. Anytime that someone reaches out to me in their grief and allows me to help ease their pain by honoring their loved one’s memory… well, it’s a great privilege.

Last week, a coworker asked me to create a suitable background for a poem that he and his wife wanted to frame and give to a neighbor, a good friend who was recently widowed. My coworker mentioned that his late friend loved Italy, so a vineyard theme might work well. I searched Deposit Photos for appropriate artwork, and purchased two vector images that were perfect for the project. I edited the images in Adobe Illustrator, added the poem, and here we have the final product:

A papyrus scroll and quill, surrounded by grapes and grapevines.

Fonts used: Palatino (classic!) and English 111 Vivace. Click on the image to see the full-size version, and always remember: sweet baby Jesus weeps at the thought of intellectual property theft.

My coworker and his wife were very pleased with the final product, and were planning to give the framed poem to their friend this weekend. I look forward to hearing what she thought.


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