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Logo Design for the American Society of Naval Engineer’s 2009 Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium

FMMS 2009 Logo


T-shirt Design for Team AMSEC’s participants in the
2013 American Heart Association Heartwalk

AMSEC 2013 Heartwalk T-shirt - Front

Front design, sized to fit in the upper left pocket area

AMSEC 2013 Heartwalk T-shirt - Back

Back design, sized to fill the entire back of the shirt.


Learn + Create (Free Printable)

Learn and Create


Anything Worth Doing/Concrete Poetry


Second Sight (permanent marker and colored pencil on Bristol board)

Second Sight


I Feel Vaguely Sad (permanent marker on magazine page)

I Feel Vaguely Sad


I L K I M E Tattoo Design (pencil drawing and digital design)

I L K I M E tattoo design option 3


Golden Sunset Drawing (colored pencil on Bristol board) and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations (digital design)

Golden Sunset Over Water


Birthday Party and Baby Shower Invitations

Emma's First Birthday Party Invitation - picture of a super cute lil girl


Owlie Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Owl Shower Favors


Logo and Business Card Ideas for Norfolk Real Estate Company

NRF Logo Options 01

NRF Logo Options 02

NRF Logo Options 03

NRF Logo Options 04


Good Design vs. Cheap Design
I originally shared this image on Instagram with the following caption:
“Art, design, writing, and a multitude of other creative trades require time,
talent, and skill from the artist, who has probably spent many years
(not to mention lots of money) honing their craft. If you want free art,
create it yourself. If you want cheap art, you’ll be able to find it, but it’s likely
the quality will suffer. If you want good art, please respect the time and talent
of the artist and pay them a fair rate.”

Good Design vs. Cheap Design

Here is a PDF version of this design, in a printer-friendly hue of blue-green.


Sunny Birthday Card (free printable)

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